Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Week in Comics – Week of January 22,2012

Featured Release: A Game of Thrones #5


Remember back in the ‘80s when they had illustrated classics – books that retold classic works of literature but were mainly composed of pictures so that you didn’t actually have to read the book for your book report?  You don’t?!  You weren’t born until Clinton was president?!  God I’m old.  Well, here’s the fucking rundown of this book then, you damn kids.  (BTW, get off my lawn!)

Many nerds may know the George R.R. Martin fantasy series A Song of Ice & Fire, while many more of you probably were introduced to it by last year’s HBO series A Game of Thrones – based on the first novel of the epic.  The Dynamite Entertainment comic series is a faithful retelling of the novels, attempting to accurately recreate each page of the  book with a page in the comic.  Each issue of the comic, then, is a 30-page adaptation of the novel.  So, no shortcuts kids if you think you can read this instead of reading the book for your book report.  Or your iPad report, or whatever it is you darn kids do nowadays with your iPods and your video games and your rap music.

A Game of Thrones #5 hits store shelves today.

Top 20 “Most Pulled” Comics for the Week of January 22, 2012
Presented by Comixology

  1. Justice League #5 (DC)
  2. The Walking Dead #93 (Image)
  3. The Flash #5 (DC)
  4. Superman #5 (DC)
  5. Aquaman #5 (DC)
  6. Batman: The Dark Knight #5 (DC)
  7. Secret Avengers #21.1 (Marvel)
  8. FF #14 (Marvel)
  9. Green Lantern: New Guardians #5 (DC)
  10. Teen Titans #5 (DC)
  11. X-Men: Legacy #261 (Marvel)
  12. Fantastic Four #602 (Marvel)
  13. Deadpool #49.1 (Marvel)
  14. Justice League Dark #5 (DC)
  15. Astonishing X-Men #46 (Marvel)
  16. The Mighty Thor #10 (Marvel)
  17. All-Star Western #5 (DC)
  18. Ultimates #6 (Marvel)
  19. American Vampire #23 (DC)
  20. The Unwritten #33.5 (Vertigo)

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